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Out of Town Clients:

Every year, I photograph seniors who fly in from all over the country.

Seniors have flown in from Alaska, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas, & others.

This makes for an amazing mother-daughter bonding trip her senior year!

Travel Details:

1. Fly in to DFW airport on Friday. If you fly Southwest, you will arrive at Love Field in downtown Dallas. Either way, you will take I-35 north to my studio in Denton.

2. If you want to stay near my studio, book a room at the Fairfield Inn in Denton, TX. 1-940-384-1700. It is very nice and right across the street.

3. We will do a “full session” on a Saturday. Yes, bring as much as you can! That night, I’ll photoshop & prep all your images for your viewing on Sunday.

4. On Sunday morning (after you’ve had breakfast), we will meet at my studio to see all the images in my home theater room, pick out our favorites, place your order, & pay for your order.

5. I will have all the canvases, gift prints, fine art albums, …. shipped directly to your home via UPS within a few weeks.


Half Session

$100 Session Fee </p> <p>+ $300 Minimum Order</p> <p>

  • In-Studio Only
  • 2-3 Outfits
  • Mon – Thurs Only
  • Morning OR Afternoon
  • 1 Hour Photo Shoot

Full Session

$100 Session Fee </p> <p>+ $500 Minimum Order</p> <p>

  • In-Studio Portraits
  • Outdoor Portraits
  • Multiple Outfits
  • Afternoon Appointment Only
  • Friday & Saturday Appointments Available
  • Most Popular

    2-3 Hour Photo Shoot

Destination Session

$2500 Minimum Order

  • Let’s do something WAY cool. I’ve never offered this before.
  • Let’s fly to New Orleans, or Vegas, or Miami, or Memphis, or where ever. I’ll even pay my own expenses.
  • Create an experience like never before! Could be an amazing “mother/daughter” trip too!
  • Full Day Shoot

    Call George940-300-5347

VIDEO #1: “What I need from you to make this a great session”!

VIDEO #2: Watch George in Action (on location in Kentucky)

VIDEO #3: Why George???? (fun little video)

VIDEO #4: “Full session or half session??”

  • #1 Mistake. Let me make it easy on you – just empty the closet & bring it all. Since I can’t come to your home and pick clothing out myself, please “bring it all”. I am wonderful at selecting outfits that ensure amazing color harmony with the senior’s skin tone, eye color, background choices, …..
  • #2 Mistake. Arriving hungry. Please please eat before you come. My sessions are high energy. You’ll need your strength. 🙂 Honestly, I’ve had to stop sessions and send mom to Sonic to get a burger.
  • #3 Mistake. Forcing the senior to bring clothing that “isn’t them”. In other words, I have photographed girls who are jeans and t-shirt kind of girls but mom forced her to bring dresses & formal wear only. Please please “just bring it all”.
  • #4 Mistake. Selecting a photographer based on ANYTHING other than the quality of the imagery. You get one chance to hire a professional photographer for senior portraits. My clients will tell you a 1000 times, they LOVE looking at their George Dean Portraits displayed on their walls. Once the senior leaves, it is the LAST time they will probably live with you. Capture this moment in time. Freeze this amazing moment with beautiful portraits. You will NEVER regret it – not for one second! So…. quality should be the #1, #2, and #3 reason you select a photographer.
  • #5 Mistake. Hiring a “natural light, on-location only” photographer. You see, lighting is ‘nearly’ everything. And, “nice cameras” don’t create light – it just records it. Beautiful light is either created or found. I believe you should hire a photographer who is proficient with a lot of different lighting scenarios. I am an expert at creating the light each image deserves – not just pressing the button in ‘natural light’ (heck, you could do that yourself!). Sure you should hire a photographer that can produce beautiful natural light images but please realize there is a LOT more lighting that just ‘natural light’. There is soft studio lighting, edgy studio lighting, soft natural light, harsh natural light, off camera flash, subtractive lighting, additive lighting, and many more. I think senior pictures deserves them all! My clients LOVE the variety.

Beautiful Natural Light

Make this an amazing experience.

Let’s go “all out” & do it right.

  1. Bring clothing for ALL the seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Yes, all of them.
  2. Bring winter stuff even when its 110 degrees outside. Remember, I have a studio. I’ll crank down the A/C and make it cold. 🙂
  3. Bring everything on hangers. Wrinkled clothing does not photograph well.
  4. Hats, scarfs, coats, jackets, sweaters
  5. Hobby stuff, guitars, sunglasses, …
  6. School stuff – instruments, footballs, helmets, bats, volleyballs, golf bag, balls, …
  7. Make up, lip gloss, powder, … You will have a private dressing room {See Pic}. 🙂

I LOVE Edgy Black and White Photography!

Notice the beautiful color harmony here.

Beautiful studio portraiture is becoming a lost art.

Edgy Studio Lighting + Cool Pose = Amazing

Many photographers are now “natural light, on location” photographers due to the overwhelming challenge of mastering studio light. I get it. It’s not easy. But…. nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

The beauty of studio lighting is the fact I can create to softest, most beautiful light AND then create harsh moody light. I control everything. The light, the shadows, the pose, the mood, …

Studio lighting can create soft shadows or deep shadows (I LOVE Shadows!)

You deserve beautiful studio lighting in your portraits! In fact, most of the portraits hanging in my clients home are from my studio work.

Beautiful Classic 'Old Hollywood' Studio Lighting

Makeup for photography needs to go on heavier than normal daylight wear. We need to additional contrast for the makeup to “pop”

Use more powder than you think you need! We want to bring down the shine on the skin.

Did I mention MORE powder?

Lip gloss should be is a solid color & one shade deeper than normal. Lip liner of the SAME color is good too.

Eye liner can really make those eyes pop too!

Bring your makeup case with you for touch up. Especially lip gloss.

Did I mention MORE powder?

Another Example of Beautiful Studio Lighting

Avoid fresh haircuts. Allow at least a week for it to grow out.

Fresh shave or little facial hair? Its UP to you! I’ve had guys come with facial hair and then shave it down for the 2nd half of the shoot. Just be you.

I PROMISE no dorky poses. No peaking around trees or leaning against statues.

90% of the images that leave my studio are NON-smiley but we will do a few smiles too.

I like senior pictures like this!

Cool Golf Shot

Treat yourself to a pedicure & manicure. We will photograph at least one set of images that will show your toes.

A good nights sleep can do wonders for bags under your eyes if you are concerned AND if you are still concerned, I can take care of that with a little airbrushing to ‘help’.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to a model to come to my studio. A lot of people THINK I only photograph models – not true. EVERYONE you see on my website are REAL seniors.

If you plan on coloring your hair or getting a new style, allow at least a week to get used to the style.

Be sure to bring jewelry, accessories, black high heels, white pearls, dangly earrings, formal dresses, fun dresses, hats, scarfs, sweaters, jackets, blue jean jackets, those jeans with holes in them, t-shirts, …. bring it all!

Be prepared to have a blast. Just ask anyone who has been to my studio – they will tell you!

Also, you will have your own private dressing room with a large mirror and make up table to put your things.

Notice the beautiful color harmony, lighting, & natural fun.

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