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Dallas Wedding Photographer
Small Intimate Weddings

Professional Wedding Photography
3 Hours of Wedding Coverage
Includes All Digital Files
$2000 + Tax


Wedding Photography for DFW Brides & Grooms.

Dallas Wedding Photographers

Husband. Wife. Father. Mother. Son. Daughter. Creative. Sweet. Fun. Silly. I Love Chocolate. Tammy Loves Wine. She is my Sweet Tea & I Am Her Tennessee Whiskey!

Tammy & George Dean is a husband-wife photography team! Tammy has extensive photography experience for a local newspaper & sports photography. George is an International Award Winning Photographer with over fourteen years experience photographing weddings. We serve the greater Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Flower Mound, Fort Worth TX area for professional wedding photography. We both bring our brand of strengths and artistic vision.

Brides and Grooms appreciates George & Tammy’s creativity, guests congratulate George about “Wow George, you are everywhere man. You are doing an amazing job!”, wedding coordinators boasts about George’s ability to stay on schedule, MOB’s love George’s calm on a stressful day, Grooms are thankful for the how quickly George can take group pictures, Bride’s love George & Tammy’s attention to detail and reassuring nature, while your friends are jealous they didn’t pick George Dean Photography as their wedding photographer for their Dallas Texas Wedding.

George & Tammy’s obsession is creating gorgeous wedding pictures of your wedding day to tell your story. Our workflow is designed to give wedding couples maximum time with their guests, not in front of a camera away from their guests.

George has photographed weddings and events for the last 14 years. You deserve a professional wedding photographer for your Dallas wedding.

Your Most Treasured Day…

As a couple, your wedding photos will be a most prized possession as the years past. Your wedding album, a family heirloom, will be a treasure. Many years down the road, when computers not longer read todays “digital files”, your wedding album will be a gorgeous reminder of your beautiful wedding day. Every time you view your wedding album, you will be transported back into time to your wedding day – the feelings of that day will be renewed with each turn of the page. The beauty of your wedding day forever captured by a true professional wedding photographer. Although buying a wedding album is optional, I strongly encourage you to invest in a high quality professional album – an investment you will never regret.

Wedding Photography for Dallas Brides

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

You will put hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into your Dallas Texas wedding! You deserve an amazing Dallas wedding photographer to capture every detail, every tear, every emotion for eternity. Every little bitty detail, every emotional moment of laughter and tears deserves to be artfully captured. It is my mission to do that for you & your family!

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Every year, I am approached by brides who went the “cheap way”, usually a “friend” who is a budding photographer who wants to practice on your wedding. The bride contacts me in desperation to “George, can you PLEASE fix these wedding pictures to look like the ones on your website?”. I have to deliver the sad news. I can’t fix their wedding pictures in photoshop. Photoshop can’t fix bad lighting, horrible poses, improper composition, wrong lens selection, blurry pictures, missed moments, … the list goes on and on. If you have a “friend” with a “nice camera” who will do your wedding for “cheap or free”, let them do an extra engagement session for you to “practice” but don’t risk your wedding day to them. You deserve better than that.

You see… after the last dance is over, the last bite of wedding cake has been eaten… only the wedding pictures remain, the eternal legacy of your wedding day. Invest in a professional wedding photographer with years of experience. You will never regret investing in an artist. It is my hope you love your wedding pictures. Even if you don’t select me as your wedding photographer, pick on who’s work speaks to you. Photography is forever and worthy of your investment.

Your Engagement Session

Most couples start with an engagement session. If you are unsure which wedding photographer to pick, I \ recommend do you an engagement session with a wedding photographer BEFORE you book your wedding with them! The goal is to make sure the bride, groom, and photographer are a good match. Although, to be honest, some brides want a different photographer for the engagement session than their actual wedding photographer – this can give your images two different styles and looks. This DOES seem to be more and more popular. It is your wedding so it is YOUR choice. This is a GREAT place to use the photographer who is a friend or family member who is begging you to let them photograph your wedding. Use them for the engagement session. If the images are horrible, it will be OK because you can re-do an engagement session – not so easy with your wedding 🙂

One benefit of doing an engagement shoot with your possible wedding photographer is… MANY photographer are “brand new” and are practicing their skills on YOUR wedding. One way to tell is… Does the photographer give clear directions to ensure you look gorgeous OR do they expect YOU to do all the posing? Are they constantly looking at the back of their camera trying to figure out what to change to make the picture better OR are they engaged with you and creating amazing images at the same time! If the photographer is UNSURE of the pose, it makes you unsure, and that feeling comes across in the image! You need a photographer confident and proficient in their skills. My clients LOVE how I pose, light, and work quickly! A true professional should be obvious and EASY to work with.

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

Heck, with your engagement session, don’t limit you choice of location to just Dallas TX. The world is your oyster. We can do an engagement destination anywhere in World! George has camera and will travel. ✈️ Going to a an exotic destination or even your hometown can give your engagement pictures the look, the feeling, and the story you want. Or we can hit all your local hotspots OR create a themed shoot just for you! As a couple, you have a wide choice of destinations & choices. Perhaps think bigger for your engagement shoot than just the Stockyards in Fort Worth or the Dallas Arboretum in Dallas.

Your Bridal Session

Also, the bridal shoot has been a tradition for many years. Your bridal shoot, if you choose to do one, is done on the day you do a trial run of your make-up and hair. Your wedding dress should be ready by then too. SO, might was well do some amazing bridal portraits. Many brides choose to do their bridal portraits at the wedding venue. Some choose to them at my studio and perhaps a few outside. Once again, your choice. Not every bride does a bridal session. Personally, I LOVE them. There is nothing more beautiful than a bride in her dress!

Most bridal portraits make amazing gifts to the Mom of the Bride! Many brides surprise their new husband with a bridal portrait to be displayed in their bedroom. Many brides will display an engagement picture and a bridal portrait at their reception.

Tell Your Story….

A professional wedding photographer in Dallas or Fort Worth should be able to tell the story of your day with moving wedding pictures that stirs the emotions and tugs at the heart strings. Catching emotions and moments you may not get to see as the bride. Trust me…Your wedding day will go by SO fast! You just can’t hardly keep up. The photographer and his team should be able to capture all those little missed moments for you – in addition to all the beautifully planned details of your wedding day.

Next Day Digital Files

The day after your wedding, you will be able to view many of my “favorite wedding pictures” from your magical day on social media.. the images completely edited, posted on facebook or instagram, and ready to show off to your family and friends on any social media outlet your choose. As you are on your honeymoon, I will slowly release more and more beautiful wedding images for you to soak up the emotion. Many couples can’t believe how quickly they can view their wedding pictures. I am at your service for life. Even after your wedding, there are moments in your life you will want professional photographed such as the newborn pictures of your first child, family pictures, and eventually senior pictures.

The “First Glance”

OK.. what is a “first glance” or “reveal”? The first glance is a private moment, before the ceremony, in which we arrange for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time in a private setting.

Dallas Wedding Photographer

First Glance: Dallas Wedding Photographer

small dallas wedding Photographer

First Glance: Dallas Wedding Photographer

At this time, the groom gets a few private moments for him to tell his bride how beautiful she is, then there’s some hugging, sometimes tears, giggles, kissing, and all that good stuff. Some couples exchange letters or small gifts.

And as all this is happening, I’m capturing the moment. I get shots of the bride’s face as she’s excitedly approaches her groom from behind. His expression as he’s feeling a bit nervous, then as she taps him on the shoulder (or I instruct him to “turn around and see your beautiful bride for the first time”)… my shots will show the love on his face when he turns around and sees his bride for the first time. The joy and relief as the two take a moment to soak in the emotion of this magical event. A look at each other taking it all in. All along, I’m right there capturing those beautiful shots.

The first glance offers many emotion filled shots. If you want the MOST genuine reaction from your groom, do a first glance. Do you think its easier for the groom to allow emotions to flow in a private “first glance” moment or while the entire church is staring at hime? And the truth is… this reveal doesn’t take away the emotion from the wedding ceremony at all. The first glance has helped the bride and groom a chance to de-stress a bit, so as the ceremony starts the couple is able to focus a bit better, and that moment that a groom sees his fiance walking down the aisle is a moment he will never forget whether or not he has seen her prior to the ceremony. Then after the ceremony, there’s not nearly so many pictures to be taken, so the two of you can head off to enjoy your reception a bit quicker.

dallas wedding photographer

DFW Wedding Photographer George Dean

Brides… doing a first glance usually means, more time with your guests, more wedding pictures taken, the ability to take the edge off before the big event, and the chance to spend a private moment with your groom. If you think about it.. when will get a private moment alone with the groom?? Answer: When the day is OVER! Brides and grooms truly are thankful and treasure the “first glance”. Give it some thought.

So for the couples who are open to it, I definitely recommend doing the first glance (also sometimes called the “first look”).

wedding photographer

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

There are many photographers who require a first glance as a part of the photography package because allows for a much more relaxed photography schedule on the wedding day. However, I don’t require it. If a couple chooses to forgo the first glance, I’ll respect their wishes, and we’ll still have an awesome wedding day with amazing photography. But if a couple decides that the first glance isn’t for them, I want them to make that choice fully informed, so that’s the purpose of this discussion. If you have any questions about the first glance, feel free to ask me. Call George at 940-300-5347

Your First Family Portrait

small dallas wedding

You will day will be your FIRST family portrait! Please take the 5-20 minutes to do family portraits at your wedding. You will never regret doing family portraits. I am QUICK.. trust me. We WILL knock them out. Although doing this MIGHT seem old fashion, you will treasure these photos as time passes and members age through time.

I have been a photographer long enough to know you want to do all the family portraits on your wedding day. Let’s make everyone happy with a quick snap of the shutter. A few of these images make the wedding album but the rest are for history. Give grandma a few copies. Give your mom copies. It makes great Thank You Gifts too! I am very fast and efficient with this. It never takes more than 15 minutes or so to do them!

small dallas wedding


Although I will never proclaim to the best Dallas wedding photographer in the world, I might be the best wedding photographer for you! You will be treated with love, care, and special attention a bride deserves with the patience of a coach and the passion of an artist. Instinctually knowing what “looks good on YOU” builds your confidence in my skills as an artist and helps create beautiful bridal, engagement, and wedding pictures.

With 14 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer, you will get the unique experience and perspective you deserve on your wedding day. Many brides love my calm in the middle of the storm and my reassurance they look amazing. The speed of my workflow ensures the bride and groom gets maximum time with their guests and not their wedding photographer! I am there to capture the event, not monopolize it. I feel I am on top of my game pushing through creative barriers every wedding. There has never been a better time to book me to be your wedding photographer.

George Dean’s Style of Wedding Photography

small dallas wedding

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

The style of my wedding photos is a modern, clean, well posed, well lit, magazine cover style of wedding photography. My style isn’t cheesy – it’s real and authentic with great care taken of the details of each photo. Sometimes, what isn’t in the photo is as important as what it. The angle, the zoom, the blur, the focus, … all the wedding photos are created with artistic intention and purpose. Some of my wedding pictures have been featured by many of the top wedding venues in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Grapevine, and Fort Worth. Although it is an honor to be featured, I don’t like to brag about it nor do I think it makes me “something”. I simply want to create amazing work for my couples! My focus is on YOU – not the awards.

Wedding Photography for Dallas Brides

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean. Discovery Gardens in Fair Park Dallas TX.

With So Many Dallas Wedding Photographers, How Do You Pick One?

There are many top notch wedding photographers here in Dallas. One of my best pieces of advice when selecting a professional wedding photographer for your wedding is to create a google account JUST for your wedding! Then, create a google document to help yourself stay organized. Copy and paste each website you like. And, go 2-3 pages deep into Google to find a possible hidden gem. AND… here it is… the MOST important advice I can give you…. pick a photographer who’s work SPEAKS TO YOU. Nothing else matters. Not even price. If you LOVE their work, go sit down with them and see what you can work out! It is better to have an amazing photographer for 4 hours at your wedding, because that is all you can afford, than having an “OK” photographer for 12 hours. The quality of the work should dictate your choice!

Personally, I don’t like email. If you like my work, please give me a call or text. I will respond as soon as possible. I do own a full service portrait studio right off I-35E. Although I am busy in my business, I will alway carve out a slice of time for a bride! Contact George to discuss your wedding and desires for professional photography. Contact George Dean: 940-300-5347

You Might Think Wedding Pictures This Gorgeous is Expensive… I Am Here To Tell You… They Aren’t Really (But They Should Be!)

Wedding Photography So Beautiful… You Will Look Like The Cover Of A Wedding Magazine!

Dallas Wedding Photographer Review

Dallas Wedding Pictures by Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

Dallas Wedding Pictures by Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

We had George do an Itsy Bitsy wedding, where he shoots for 3 hours and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I’m not really photogenic but I look so beautiful in his photos! Dallas Wedding Pictures by Dallas Wedding Photographer George DeanHe handled a very large wedding party (where one person got sick in the middle of photos), a large extended family, a windy day and a somewhat disorganized bride with grace and true professionalism.

I was worried that 3 hours wouldn’t be enough but George did a great job capturing the ceremony, the dinner, the family and a great photo shoot with just the bride and groom. I am so thankful he was there-nothing ruffled him and he was able to get wonderful shots in a small amount of time. Right before he was scheduled to leave he called us over to take advantage of some beautiful light, and the results are stunning. His itsy bitsy package is such a great value-it allowed us to stay within budget while getting beautiful pictures!!

Dallas Wedding Pictures by Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

Dallas Wedding Photography

Dallas TX Wedding Photographer

Wildwood Inn Wedding Photography Denton TX 76210

Wildwood Inn Wedding Photography Denton TX

Swimming through the tumultuous waves of “wedding photographers” in the DFW area was an incredibly daunting task. When we first started planning our wedding we found that everyone claimed to have the ability to capture one of life’s most cherished moments, but it wasn’t until we stumbled upon George Dean Photography that we realized that “capturing a moment” and “capturing the art of the moment” were two completely different things!Wildwood Inn Wedding Photography Denton TX 76210

This was evident just by looking at the portfolio on George Dean’s website, then we had our first meeting with George. George showed us the slide show and my mom and I were blown away! We knew that we had found the wedding photographer!

Amidst all of the planning we were excited to have another thing crossed off our list and we knew that we had chosen well, but it wasn’t until the wedding that we realized that hiring George Dean, was the BEST wedding investment that we had made!

George was able to capture all of the little moments quickly and artistically! My fiance was blown away by George’s perfectionism and how each photo was, not simply a photo to capture a moment but, a true work of art. George is a brilliant artist that takes personal responsibility and pride with each photo that he takes.

Words cannot express our gratitude!

Also, George Dean went as far as laying in the dirt to capture the perfect candle shot for us! We are truly grateful!

Wildwood Inn Wedding Photography Denton TX 76210

Wildwood Inn Wedding Photography Denton TX

A Dallas Bride Review

Dallas Wedding Pictures by Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

Dallas Arboretum Wedding Pictures by George Dean

George Dean truly is an artist. He documented the moments and details of our wedding day in such a way that our love and happiness just shines right out of the images. I can’t stop looking at our photos, and I keep seeing more and more of his attention to detail in them. The framing, the lighting, the click at just the right instant to capture the expressions that say it all.

I am so pleased that we found George, and that he offered exactly what we needed—quick and to the point high-quality coverage. In just three hours of brilliant work behind his lens, he caught—and created!—key moments of our wedding day, and gave us memories we will cherish for our lifetime.

I would recommend that brides on a budget consider hiring George Dean for the shorter amounts of time he offers (we did three hours) and be happy with having beautiful wedding photos, rather than going with a “budget” photography service for full day coverage and ending up with hundreds of so-so snapshots. You are spending a lot of time, money, and effort to look amazing on your wedding day–don’t throw that down the drain with mediocre photography! Hire George instead and have amazing photos you can’t wait to show off!

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

Dallas Wedding Photographer George Dean

Wedding Photographer Review in Dallas

Paradise Cove Wedding Pictures. Dallas Wedding Photographer

Paradise Cove Wedding Pictures. Dallas Wedding Photographer

My husband and I hired George Dean to photograph our wedding in July 2011. When I looked through the image galleries on his website,

Paradise Cove Wedding Pictures. Dallas Wedding Photographer

Paradise Cove Wedding Pictures. Dallas Wedding Photographer

I knew that I loved his style. It’s easy to see that he doesn’t just take pictures of people and events, he creates and captures beautiful moments that his clients will be able to look back on and remember fondly for years to come. When we met with George for our consultation, we knew he was the right photographer for our wedding. He is artistic but very focused and a complete perfectionist! We were confident that he would give us nothing less than his best work.

On our wedding day George and his assistant were a joy to work with. They were so enthusiastic, and they gave wonderful and honest advice about what would or would not look good on camera. George did a great job of directing me and making sure that I looked my best. We had so much fun, and I was so confident in his work that I was actually excited to come back from our honeymoon just to see all of his pictures, and we were not disappointed! Our photos are just beautiful, and they are a testament to the joyful spirit of the day. We will treasure those memories through our amazing album for the rest of our lives.

Paradise Cove Wedding Pictures. Dallas Wedding Photographer

Paradise Cove Wedding Pictures. Dallas Wedding Photographer

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