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Your Headshot Session

“George, I need a professional headshot.”

  • $195+Tax
  • One Retouched Digital File.
  • White or Black Background.
  • You Will Watch Me Photoshop Your Image To Perfection.
  • Quick 10-15 Minute Session. It Doesn’t Take Long.
  • Bring Multiple Clothing Choices So I Can Help Pick.
  • Bring a Flashdrive & Leave With Your Finished Image(s)!
  • Additional Headshots Can Be Purchased At The Session. Bring multiple outfits for extra headshots. Each Additional Picture Is Just $100 + Tax Each.
  • Want Your Entire Team Photographed? Group Rates
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professional headshot photographer
Headshot Photographer

Headshots For Your Team

Team Headshots

“George is fantastic to work with! He has taken professional headshots for me on two occasions and each time the results were flawless. His use of lighting is masterful and his efficiency is beyond compare. I highly recommend him.”

  • Studio
  • On-Location
  • Fully Retouched
  • One Day Turnaround
  • On-Site Instant Proofing
  • Schedule a Call to Discuss: 940-300-5347

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dallas headshot photographer

dallas professional photographer

Video: Photoshop a Man


dallas headshot photographer

dallas head shot professional photographer

Video: Photoshop a Lady

Video: WHY a WHITE Background Is Great For Marketing!

Video 5: Easy Group Photo!

Clients Include…

Professional Headshot

“Excellent experience! Efficiency with an excellent product. I highly recommend George Dean for head shots. Very easy online booking process, excellent communication, and makes wonderful use of our time in the shoot. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes and left with edited images and an excellent product.”

Headshot Article

Your Headshot is Often Your First Impression!

Dallas Headshot Photographer

Business Headshot for LinnkedInYou get ONE shot to make a great first impression. Your corporate headshot is many times your first impression… especially on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the #1 business networking website in the world. And, your first impression in the business world is often times your corporate headshot – does your head shot SAY you are a business professional or does it “I don’t really care”??

There are many headshot photographers in Dallas to select from. You DESERVE an amazing professional headshot that not only shows “what you look like” but sends a “marketing message” about WHO you are! Don’t underestimate the power of crappy iPhone headshot versus a true executive headshot with impact! This is NOT the place to CHEAP.. and let tell you, CHEAP is the MOST EXPENSIVE option when it comes to your business headshot. Select a true professional photographer that own a real headshot studio. My headshot studio is located right off I-35 in Denton. How much does a headshot cost in Dallas TX?

I have photographed the most prestigious clients in the Dallas Fort Worth. 1000s of headshots over the past 13 years. From Walmart in Fort Worth, Match.com in Dallas, Sally Beauty in Denton, Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Movement Mortgage in Plano, Sotheby’s in Dallas, CapRock Services in Dallas, Keller Williams in Flower Mound, Alkami in Plano, Wells Fargo in Flower Mound, Crestwood in Fort Worth, and many more!

I shoots at my portrait/headshot studio location in Denton OR we can set up a headshot studio onsite at your location. To shoot on location, I need a space about 12 feet wide and 20 feet long with 10 foot ceilings. You will also get to view and instantly approve your headshot! People love the fact they can view their image instantly for approval. You know exactly what you are getting!

If you bring multiple outfits, we can also shoot a portfolio of images. Each additional image you purchase is just $80! We will capture each side of your personality. Your headshot can be used for many advertising functions such as business cards, bio on your website, speaking engagements, modeling headshots, acting headshots, and more.

As you can tell, my rates and experience have kept me in business as a headshot photographer here in Dallas, TX for over 12 years. Many of my images are used in billboard advertising, editorial write ups, book covers, actor 8X10s, executive portraits displayed at headquarters, business portraits for annual reports, and more. My Dallas portrait work has a fashion edge with every attempt possible to make each executive or business professional look their very best.

dallas headshot photographerAs a Dallas headshots photographer, I look forward to creating an amazing headshot for your digital marketing, print advertising, or actors portfolio. Actors, especially, like the unique drama I can bring to their cinematic portrait. The media attention and PR purposes of a headshot can not be understated.

I have camera (and portrait studio) and will travel any where in the metroplex from Denton, to Dallas, to Fort Worth, to Flower Mound, to Lakewood to Plano. Just me a call to discuss your headshot project.

Although you could fly to Los Angeles or New York to get one of those fancy New York headshot photographers or fancy Los Angeles headshot photographer to do your professional headshots, you’ve got a top head shot photographer right here in Dallas Texas! Learn more…

You Deserve An Amazing Headshot From George Dean Photography!

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Plano Police Headshot Photographer

Plano Police Officer Headshot

Real Estate Agent Headshot

Real Estate Agent Headshot

Real Estate Agent Headshot and Billboard Marketing

Real Estate Agent Headshot Used for BillBoard Marketing

flower mound headshot photographer

Flower Mound Headshot Photographer

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On-Location Headshot Photos in Dallas

on location headshot photographer

On-Location Headshot Photography in Plano Texas

I have done corporate headshot photos all OVER Dallas Fort Worth…. in high rise buildings on empty floors, in the foyer, in executive boardrooms, in front of town squares, inside luxury homes, … you name it! I can set up a mobile headshot studio on location anywhere in the Dallas, Denton, Flower Mound, Fort Worth Metroplex!

We can photograph 5 headshot photos in 5-10 minutes or 500 company headshots spread out over two days. I only need about 1 minute person. It truly does not take long. I shoot directly to an ipad so EACH person can APPROVE their headshot ON THE SPOT! My corporate clients LOVE this! No one can come back later and say “I don’t like my headshot”. See Video of Ipad Onsite proofing

My business headshot photography style is a clean, modern, well lit, well posed, business (or actors) portrait with impact. Your images should be up-dated every 2-3 years.

You don’t just deserve a great headshot but you deserve a powerful portrait! Snap shot headshots with the company camera is not the way to do. Hire a true headshot portrait photographer who is a master at lighting, posing, clothing, and interacts well with your employees. They will laugh and have fun with me as their portrait photographer.

dallas headshot photographerI need a space about 12 feet wide, 20 feet long, and 10 feet high. This gives me room to set up properly. We can do white background headshots (what I am famous for) or we use the actual location in the background or a very popular brown master background. See headshot samples.

You can do the cheap way… aka craigslist or a hire a true professional headshot portrait photographer. headshot hotographerMy reasonable rates and extensive experience keep me busy as a headshot photographer here in Dallas, TX. Many of my images are used in billboard advertising, editorial write ups, book covers, actor 8X10s, executive portraits displayed at headquarters, business portraits for annual reports, and more.

While I am at your business location, perhaps you want pictures of your building, employees working together, you doing the thing you do, pictures inside your building and outside of your building for your website or annual reports. This is also a great time to get shots for your Google Business Page!

professional headshot photographer Flower MoundYour fully photoshopped images are typically delivered within 24 hours via dropbox link.

As a new headshot or commercial client, please call George Dean to discuss your business headshot or commercial project or just to get more info. Contact George by phone…. 940-300-5347.

Whether you need business headshots or actor headshots.. or even a new family portrait, George Dean Photography is here to serve your media, PR, advertising, and marketing needs. As one of the premier portrait studios in Dallas, you will be overjoyed with the attention to detail, the speed of my workflow, and the quality of your corporate headshot, business headshot, actors headshot, or dating profile headshot.

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plano headshot photographer1

Corporate Board On-Location Executive Headshots

board of directors portrait

Board of Directors Interacting. A GREAT Annual Report image.

Dallas commercial headshot photographer

Dallas Headshot Photographer

Dallas Commercial Photographer. headshot Photos

On-Location Headshot

Dallas Business Headshot Photos

On-Location Headshot of an Interior Designer

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Your Headshot is Often Your First Impression!

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