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Photography Classes
For Beginners

Saturday August 25th
Denton, Texas
9AM – 1PM
8 Spots Left

7 Steps to Better Photography by George Dean

Group Class or Private Lessons.

This class is designed for people with no previous knowledge of photography, so beginners should feel entirely welcome. Learn the basics of digital photography. Explore the art and the science of beautiful photography.

During this fast paced four hour workshop at George Dean Photography’s portrait studio, George Dean will share with you a comprehensive overview of creating amazing images.

The class is lecture based with a hands on application towards the end of the class.


F Stops
Shutter Speed
Tips for photographing kids
White Balance
ISO (Light Sensitivity)
Proper Exposure
Image Composition
Leading Lines
Converging Lines
The Rule of 3rds
Symmetrical and “A” Symmetrical
Creating a Center of Interest
Lighting Techniques
Finding and Creating “Direction of Light”
Sun vs. Shade
Natural Light vs. Light Modifiers and Flash
Making Your Subjects Look Their Best!
Proper Lens Perspective
Camera Angle
Use of Props

George will show you how to turn what would normally be a snapshot into a work of art!

George will demonstrate the latest ways to enjoy your images as fine art prints, albums, slideshows, and more!

Bottom-line, no matter what your skill level is or the type of camera you own, you will discover some of the best information regarding photography you will ever receive. You’ll leave the classroom knowing how to operate your camera netter and the inspiration to put that knowledge into practice!

Join George for his 7 Steps to Better Photography 4 Hour Crash Course!