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By: Kortni Kortni Robinson - Decatur TX
Decatur Senior Pictures Photographer

Kortni Robinson - Decatur High School - Decatur Texas

George Dean, you are hands down the best photographer ever!!

I had a BLAST shooting with you.

You know what you are doing and made my senior pictures so easy and fun.

I love how I could rely on you to pick my outfits and poses for me. You made everything so simple! And the shoot was very entertaining!

My pictures turned out so wonderful and unique.

Definitely not like any other photographs I have had done before. I love how you took my personality and made it shine through your images.

Everything about George Dean Photography is simple, yet sophisticated.

From his style to his studio George makes EVERYTHING look great!

This man knows exactly what he is doing and I would recommend you to ANYONE and EVERYONE.

-Kortni Robinson

Decatur High School

DecaturSenior pictures

By: Cathy Perry Madison Perry - Flower Mound TX
Flower Mound Senior Pictures Photographer

Madison Perry - Flower Mound High School - Flower Mound Texas

Dear George:

Madison’s portraits arrived today and words can’t even describe the emotions I felt as I opened each box containing all the beautiful images that you captured of her. I truly didn’t think any moment would top the feelings I had when just viewing her senior portraits in your studio and having to make the tough decision as to which ones to order.

Today absolutely topped that feeling and I was like a child on Christmas morning unwrapping each package, in this case portrait, and getting more and more excited with each image. Needless to say the waterworks started all over again. I feel so blessed to have met you and have Madison’s senior year forever documented in our home. You captured her inner beauty as well as the outer and made it so effortless.

Every teenage girl should be able to experience a few hours in front of the camera with you. You are so right when you said that the next time we have professional portraits taken that it will probably be on her wedding day. I hope to see you then and have you capture that amazing day as well.

Thanks again for everything!

With Gratitude and Love!!

Cathy Perry

Flower Mound High School

Flower Mound Senior pictures

By: Kelly Simpson Kelly Simpson - Southlake TX
Southlake Senior Pictures Photographer

Lindi Simpson - Caroll High School - Southlake Texas


I want to thank-you for making Lindi’s photo session into a magical experience.

You are extremely talented …and it’s obvious that you love what you do, your great style, charisma and charm just came shining through with each image.

You will never know how much we appreciate everything you did to create such spectacular images, that will be cherished forever.

You have a such a gift of making everyone feel comfortable and it was my great pleasure to get to know you through this process and Lindi is now your biggest fan.

Heartfelt thanks, Kelly Simpson

Carroll High School

Southlake Texas

Southlake Senior pictures

By: Lindsey Lindsey Hanley - Denton TX
Denton Senior Pictures Photographer

Lindsey Hanely - Denton Texas


I could start out by saying thank you for the beautiful photos you took of me, but the honest truth is that I walked out of your studio with so much more than amazing pictures…

Like many girls my age, my confidence is laking. And to be completely blunt, the day I walked into your studio, was the day my boyfriend, of a year, broke my heart. Fighting back tears while trying to take your senior pictures is the last thing I wanted to be doing. And I probably wouldn’t have been able to get through it like I did if I didn’t take these pictures with you.

You made me feel beautiful and suddenly I could do and be anything again. Break ups are not fun, but these pictures couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I needed to feel that. I needed to see myself in a new light, and you gave that to me with the simple click of the camera.

I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw my pictures. In them I could see all that I accomplished, all that I’ve become, and the future that awaits me.

My experience will never be forgotten and i can’t wait to ask you to take my Wedding photos in the future (with the right guy this time).

Thank you for everything George, you’re the best.

Lindsey Hanley Billy Ryan High School

Denton Senior pictures

By: Rachel Rachel Wilkes - Argyle TX

I’m a senior at Argyle High School.

As an art student I’m very picky about photography. After looking at several photographers and searching online I finally discovered George Dean after seeing some of his photos of a fellow classmate on Facebook. I was very impressed.

But after going to the session with George, I was even more impressed with how he conducted his photo shoots.

Instead of bland boring “turn this way, turn that way” monotone shoot, he was very expressive and involved with you as a person. He wanted to get to know you so that he could shoot photos that reflected your personality.

He was very good at making it fun and relaxed, not stiff and awkward.

I felt completely at ease with him and like I had known him for ages. It was a lot of fun.

He also made you feel beautiful not only through his photographs, but in the way he would praise and compliment throughout the photo session.

To top it off, he produced the most astounding, beautiful photos.

It was definitely a great experience and I would recommend George to everyone for their senior photos!

Rachel Wilkes

Argyle High School

Argyle Senior pictures

By: Cathy Perry Rachel Wilms - Coppell TX
Flower Mound Senior Pictures Photographer

Rachel Wilms -Coppell High School - Flower Mound Texas


I just want to thank you for such an amazing experience for taking my senior pictures! I was extremely nervous coming in to take pictures because i do not usually like the way that I look in photos, but your photography makes me feel beautiful, which is how every girl should feel!

The atmosphere of the entire shoot was so refreshing and so creative that it just allowed me to have fun with it and feel comfortable at the same time! I always smile in every photo i take, but it was so cool to be able to see how pretty and striking non-smiling photos could be.

The quality of photos that you take is amazing and i would never recommend someone going anywhere else to get professional photos done! When I need professional photos done again, I am definitely coming back to you because you truly are the best there is!

Thank you so much for a great experience, i cannot wait to hang up the photos in my house and for every one to see the amazing works of art that you created!

– Rachel Coppell High School

Coppell Senior pictures

By: Michelle Smith Senior Mom - Liberty Christian (Argyle Texas)
lake dallas senior pictures

Michael Smith - Liberty Christian


I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience at your studio. As you know Michael was less than excited about getting his senior pictures taken!

To our surprise in less than 5 minutes he was having a great time! We came to you with a letter jacket and a pair of jeans because he wanted to keep it simple and get it over quickly and before I knew it we were back in the car getting baseball & football uniforms and enjoying every minute of the next few hours we spent with you! Your ability to make each photograph of Michael truly reflect his personality and passion for his school & sports was unbelievable!!!!

You blessed us with the gifts that God has given you! Your creativity and ability to capture over 100 different pictures that were all perfect just amazed us!!!! The experience we had in your studio as we watched the DVD of all of his pictures with music that seemed as though it was written just for Michael brought many tears of joy to me as well as my family as we were able to enjoy it with our entire family over the holidays!!!!

Thank you George for capturing a moment in time of my Senior son that we will treasure for a lifetime!!! I am excited to share with all our friends and family the pictures you took of Michael and I will encourage everyone I know to bring their family and loved ones to your studio!!!!

Thank you for blessing us beyond measure! I look forward to doing a family portrait with you soon!

Michelle Smith”

Liberty Christian High School

By: Leslie Taylor Leslie Taylor, Senior Mom - Ryan High School (Denton. Tx)
denton senior pictures

Danielle Carty - Ryan High School Denton TX

Hi George,

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on Danielle’s senior pictures. We could not be more pleased with the whole experience.

I find it amazing that you are able to capture so many different looks in one session.

The pictures in your studio make her look like a fashion model without being overdone and pictures from outside really captured her personality. Everything seems so natural and yet artistic at the same time.

The whole family enjoyed the viewing experience – it was like being in our own private movie screening. Seeing those giant images was breathtaking, I didn’t expect it to be such an emotional experience. I think it’s a great way to show the images and being able to see them arranged in different ways was helpful in deciding which pictures to buy. Thanks for making it so easy and enjoyable!

We are looking forward to our next session for Katie’s pictures.

Best wishes,

Leslie Taylor

Lake Dallas High School

By: Alyssa Kaschak Alyssa Kaschak - Allen High School
dentonr pictures

Alyssa Kaschak - Allen High School


I was nervous to take pictures; I remember telling my mom I just want to look pretty.

When I got there you asked me if I thought of myself as beautiful or edgy, and I told you, well I know I am definitely not beautiful.

I didn’t believe that I could look beautiful.

Let me tell you boy was I wrong! When I saw that first photo of me I was amazed!

I NEVER thought I would look like that.

You have brought back a confidence for me that I have been missing.

You not only made me feel confident while taking the pictures, but I now feel more confident than ever.

I seriously want to thank you so much for such an awesome experience that will not be forgotten!

You are an amazing photographer, who knows exactly how to take capture the moment.

Anyways, thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Alyssa Kaschak

Dallas Texas

allen senior pictures

By: Traci Cahill - Mom Traci Cahill (Lewisville Texas)

Brin Davis - Lewisville Texas

“You did an amazing job of capturing the true spirit of Brin, your creativity speaks for itself.

It’s obvious you put alot of thought into your work with the use of lighting, shadowing and locations.

The slideshow with music was unbelievable!

The way you captured my daughter brought tears to my eyes.

You truly have a gift from God and we feel blessed to have found you…

We will cherish these photos for a lifetime.

Thank you! Traci Cahill” Flower Mound Texas

flower mound senior pictures

By: Leslie Jones Leslie Jones - Calvery Academy (Pilot Point)
pilot point senior pictures

Spencer Jones - Calvery

“George, you truly can capture the spirit of her and not to mention (and of course, I’m biased) her beauty.

I just look at her pictures and it takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes.


Leslie Jones

Calvery Academy”

Dallas senior pictures

By: Kameron Rogers Senior Mom - Guyer High School (Lake Dallas Texas)<br />Referral from Trisha Mihalik
lake dallas senior pictures

Ali Rogers - Guyer High School

As a parent, I enjoyed the process of stepping aside and allowing my daughter to be who she is, standing on her own, while I listened to you continually “see” her and tell her how beautiful she is. You immediately backed up what you said with a snapshot in a viewfinder to prove your truth.

I believe your craft is heartfelt and you are passionate about breaking through the emotional bondage we humans create within ourselves. You capture an essence that some of us need not only see but believe.

A true artist is capable of transforming simplicity into the art of beautiful, that is your gift George Dean. And the genuine positive experience you gave my daughter was a gift for me to enjoy as I recognized someone else that can also “see” her. The proof definitely proved to be in the pictures.

Thank you for the entire experience, we look forward to working with you again in the future.

By: Angie Dennis Senior Mom - Saint Jo. Texas
lake dallas senior pictures

Haley Dennis - Saint Jo Texas

My daughters senior pictures were perfect.

If you ask any mother in this world their children are beautiful, cute, Etc…. but you prove every mother is right with the pictures/art that you take.

It was funny that I saw your work on the wall at the dentist office and my daughter found you on the computer about 6 months later when looking for some one to take her senior pictures.

You were so caring and made us feel very comfortable the first second we saw you.

Let me say it was very hard to pick out pictures because they were all so perfect loved them all!

Again I say “Thank You”.

By: Tina Egge Senior Mom - Tina Egge Lake Dallas (Lake Dallas Texas)
lake dallas senior pictures

Alex Egge - Lake Dallas High School

“I wanted to thank you again for Alex’ senior pictures.

They are all absolutely beautiful!

Alex rarely likes photos of herself but you captured her true beauty while at the same time making it a fun and unique experience.

Thank you again!”

Alex Egge

Lake Dallas Texas

lake dallas senior pictures

By: Austin Tucker Austin Tucker -Marcus High School (Flower Mound Texas)
flower mound senior pictures

Austin Tucker - Marcus High School

“George George George…

Where do I begin?! I mean when I first looked at your web site I knew that you were good. And then when the session got under way it was elevated to the next level.

Suddenly it was like it wasn’t even a senior picture photo shoot, it was like a model shoot!!!!!!!!

I look at these pictures and I am instantly stunned that that is me.

I just can’t wrap my mind around how amazing they are! It is true when you say the photos speak for themselves. you for everything!

From the friendly greeting at the curb, to the rockin’ guitar time, to the laid back atmosphere with no pressure, to just how genuine you were.

Thank you for everything. You have made my senior year. ~Austin”

Marcus High School

flower mound senior pictures

By: Monica Brown Monica Brown (Decatur Texas)
decatur senior pictures

Sydney Brown - Decatur Texas

“George, I was absolutely overwelmed with the pictures you took of Sydney!

They were all so fabulous.

I looked at her photos and it finally hit me that she had grown into a beautiful young adult instead of my little girl who I still needed me for so much.

I can’t believe how beautiful the pictures are. Thank you for everything!!!!!”

Decatur High School

Decatur Texas

decatur senior pictures

By: Paulette Layfield Paulette Layfield (Southlake Texas)

“Dear George, The slideshow bowled me over but it was nothing compared to the real thing. When Laurita brought her senior portraits home, I was speechless. I just couldn’t believe the imagery!

And you were right, the black and white on canvas is breathtaking. Plus, I love the flipbook but I can’t put it down. You captured everything we love about our girl.

One more thing: Your prices are very, very reasonable. Believe me, I did plenty of shopping and comparing and even more comparing after we had our session with you. You’ve set the bar really high both in pricing and in delivering a product of superior quality.

We’ll be back. See ya definitely in a couple of years for Laurita’s session … and maybe sooner 🙂


Southlake, Texas

southlake senior pictures

By: Lori Rider - Mom Lori Rider (Lake Dallas Texas)
lake dallas senior pictures

Vanessa Rider - Lake Dallas Texas

“So many people have complimented Vanessa on the wonderful pictures that you took of her.

It lifted her spirits as well as her self confidence.

I’m sure you have done the same for many others.

Thank you for all your time and hard work.

Lora J. Rider”

Lake Dallas High School

lake dallas senior pictures

By: Tracy Stanfield - Mom Tracy Stanfield(Lake Dallas Texas)

“Our experience with George Dean was amazing.

My daughter is graduating from high school this May (Lake Dallas High School).

I wanted her senior pictures to capture her personality and George did just that. T

he pictures turned out incredible!

George was awesome with Heather and very patient with her dog Scout.

We will be a customer for LIFE!

We appreciate everything he did for us. ”

Tracy Stanfield

Lake Dallas High School Corinth, Texas

By: Lori Harris - Mom Lori Harris (Lake Dallas Texas)

“Thank you so much George!

The pictures turned out wonderful!

Thank you for making the experience such a great one for Amanda (Lake Dallas High School).

You put her at ease and brought out the very best in her. We didn’t want just another “pretty picture”.

Your inspiration and talent got us exactly what we wanted and more!

We were both surprised and exited when we viewed the photo’s.

The slide show you provided to view the shots was great, we enjoyed it very much.

We will recommend you to anyone and everyone!

We’ll be back for sure!

Lori Harris

Lake Dallas High School”

By: Gay Morris Gay Morris - Argyle High School (Aubrey Texas)
argyle senior pictures

Jorden Morris - Aubrey High School

When it was time for Jorden to have his graduation pictures taken I was looking for something unique.

The typical cap and gown picture was just not what I was interested in to help celebrate his high school graduation.

My internet search lead me to George Dean Photography.

We received more than we could have ever expected from a photographer.

George captured every detail of Jorden’s personality and character along with enhancing the qualities only a mother could appreciate.

The calibur of professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to communicate with the youth of today is hands-down the best I’ve ever experienced.

I found my unique photographer!

You got the job done, George, just like I wanted it!

Jorden is very proud of his pictures as well. He dittos all that I have mentioned!

You are the MAN…and as I’ve said in the past…YOU ROCK!!!


Argyle, Texas

argyle senior pictures

By: Chelsea Schiebout Chelsea Schiebout - Liberty Christian (Arylge Texas)
Hey George!

I just wanted to thank you so so much for my senior pictures!

You are awesome and an amazing photographer!

Liberty Christian

Argyle Texas

Dallas senior pictures

By: Frank Benanete - Dad Frank Benanete - Lewisville High School

“George, It is very hard for me to describe in words how you made my daughter Jessica and I feel; not only during the photo shoot, but the presentation was absolutely fantastic!

It was truly one of the most emotional and heart felt moments I have had with my daughter. It is obvious to me that your heart is in every photograph you take.

Not only did you capture Jesi’s beauty, but you captured her beautiful sole as well. Incredible!!!

I want to thank you for that.

You are truly an incredible and talented person George!

May God bless you and yours,



Argyle senior pictures

By: Brenda Koch Brenda Koch - Northlake Texas

I am preparing for Katrina’s Graduation Party, putting her photos in frames for Grandma and Grandpa.

She cannot wait to view the photos with the family this weekend.

She cannot stop looking through her photo book.

I’ve always told her she was a beautiful girl, but sometimes girls beat themselves up.

It is nice have see her enjoy her inner and outer beauty, through your photos.

You captured both, good job!

Thanks bunches,

Brenda Koch

Northlake, Texas

img src=”http://georgedeanseniors.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/coppell-senior-pictures.jpg” alt=”coppell senior pictures” border=”2″ style=”padding:10px;” height=”420″/>

By: Sharon Fagan Analise Fagan - Colleyville, Texas
Colleyville Senior Pictures Photographer

Analise Fagan - Grapevine High School


Thank you for such a memorable experience at your studio.

You have a true gift at making people feel right at home.

When I first saw Analises pictures, for a moment, I was speechless. Not many things make me feel that way.

The pictures aren’t just pictures but a work of art.

What a wonderful gift you gave my family.


Sharon Fagan

Colleyville Texas

Colleyville senior pictures

By: Caitlin Brammer Caitlin Brammer - Argyle, Texas
dallas Senior Pictures Photographer

Caitlin Brammer - Argyle High School

I am a very, picky individual when it comes to pictures being taken of me.

When looking for a photographer to take my senior pictures, I looked for two things: the quality and being able to capture personality without using words. George Dean Photography did both as well as exceed my expectations.

Senior year is a crucial one because it is the last of childhood memories. It was important for me to capture who I am at this time in my life before I really start to grow up and begin the next chapter in my life. I couldn’t think of a better photographer to do just that.

The first time I saw George Dean’s photos on the website, I was amazed by the quality and creativity! The pictures were so intense that they actually gave me goose bumps and were enchanting at the same time. I never saw anything like them- well maybe in a magazine or some other professional media. His pictures speak of character and originality. It wasn’t all just about the smile, but who the person was behind the smile and their personality. I recommend George Dean Photography to anyone who looking to capture life moments through photography. I give ten out of five stars for a job well done!

I’m only a high school senior once, so when I close this chapter and begin new ones, I will always return to George Dean Photography to capture each and every (wedding/ babies/ my own children’s senior pics, etc.) moment to have and forever look back upon!

Caitlin Brammer Argyle High School Argyle, TX

Dallas senior pictures

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What Dallas Brides Are Saying….

By: Kaelyn King Seth & Kaelyn King - Dallas, TX

Downtown Fort Worth Wedding


The bottom line is that George Dean is one of the most talented, professional, and knowledgeable wedding photographers in Dallas.

As a couple, we decided that the most important part of our wedding would be the photography.

In our eyes, it is the only thing that give our children and grandchildren a glimpse of our wedding day and, thus, the thing in which we chose to invest the most.

We were introduced to George’s work through the wedding pictures of some great friends of ours and at our first appointment, suffice it to say we were wooed. His pictures are amazing and every single one tells a story.

We discovered the day George showed us the images of our wedding that the moments George captured made us relive our day–emotions and all.

It was exactly what we had hoped for and George was everything that we wanted in our wedding photographer.

Thank you, Seth & Kaelyn King

Fort Worth Wedding

By: Jamie Cocke Jamie & Gary Cocke - Dallas, TX

North Texas Wedding Photographer

North Texas Wedding Photography


Thank you so much for capturing all the details of our wedding.

Your work is unbelievable!

The day went by so quickly and we had worked so hard on all the details and it is so nice to have all of it documented in such a beautiful way.

It was also so easy to work with you! We really appreciate that we were able to enjoy our day and not have to spend hours on formal pictures. You were very efficient but still very creative and extremely talented. I am so glad we chose you.

Thanks for capturing its “essence and ambiance” so that we can enjoy living it over and over again through beautiful photos.

Thank you so very much!

Jamie & Gary Cocke Dallas Wedding Picture Between MOB & FOB

By: Regan Garrett Regan Garrett - Four Seasons Wedding Pictures in Dallas, TX

Four Seasons Wedding Pictures

George, The wedding pictures look amazing!

You and your team were so professional, talented and fun to work with!

Peter and I absolutely love the shots we’ve seen.

Thank you very much for braving the heat and the humidity with us to capture our special day.

We look forward to working with you again in the future and would happily (and highly) recommend you to anyone considering your services for their wedding photographer.”

The Mom of the Bride Said… “I am speechless – they are amazing – you truly have a gift to capture the emotions and details of life’s special moments. Gorgeous, George! You and your assistants were such a pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything! Donna”

By: Lauren Cortez Lauren Cortez - Wildwood Inn in Denton, TX

Wildwood Inn Wedding Pictures

I am so glad that I chose George to do be my wedding photographer.

He was so thorough and energetic. Indoors, outdoors, upstairs, downstairs, he put up with our crazy families and our crazy friends for hours.

Every moment of our special day is documented for us to save forever; he didn’t miss a beat.

Whenever I wanted a picture of something, he was right there, even though he was all over the place the whole time.

We were in a beautiful place, and he used the setting around us to make our pictures beautifully unique.

I would definitely use George again for family pictures.”

Dallas wedding photographer

By: Danny Murphy Danny & Marie Murphy - Highland Park (Dallas TX)

Dallas Wedding


I just wanted to tell you thanks on behalf of my wife and myself.

My wife Marie and I had been searching for a wedding photographer that would be professional and yet fun and do things a little bit different then the normal expectations.

Not only did you meet our expectations, you exceeded them!!

The way that you made my wife feel the day of our photo shoot was an experience in itself.

Marie felt as if she was the center of attention and you made her look and feel so beautiful with the pictures and the various poses that you did with her.

As for myself I have never considered myself to be photogenic until I saw the work that you did and I was truly amazed.

We have always wanted professional photos and now we have them thanks to your level of experience and professionalism not to mention your level of expectation for perfection.

I can’t think of a photo that we did not like. You were more then we ever bargained for, putting us at complete ease and making us feel comfortable and absolutely making the experience a lot of fun.

So again thanks George, we went into the experience looking for a person to shoot wedding pictures and came out of the experience with a personal photographer for life and most of all another great friend.

Thanks Again,

Danny and Marie Murphy

Dallas wedding photographer

By: Karen Thomas Karen Thomas - Highland Park (Dallas TX)

Dallas Wedding at Dallas Botantical Gardens

Dear George,

When we were looking for a wedding photographer for my daughter’s wedding, I wanted to find someone who did exceptional work. I came across your website and sample photos online and knew before we ever spoke to you that you were that someone. I read the kind words that your other clients had to say and that gave me even more confidence that you would be the right choice.

When we viewed Kristin’s bridal portraits, I just wanted to cry because you captured not only my daughter’s outward beauty, but her inner beauty as well. How do you do that?

The Monday following Kristin’s wedding , I was at work when I saw the “sneak peek” slideshow of the wedding. All of my friends, co-workers, and family were as amazed as I was.

I called you that day to tell you how happy I was, but found that there weren’t words to convey how I felt. I was absolutely speechless!

What you possess is not just skill, but a God-given gift! The pictures are incredible and I can’t thank you enough for them and for capturing this special day!

Karen Thomas

Dallas Botantical wedding pictures

By: Christy & Evan Christy & Evan - Denton, TX)

Denton Wedding


Thank you so much!

Evan and I decided to do the itsy bitsy wedding package and it was great.

We didn’t have a lot of time, but George got there a little early and was ready to go.

We got though all the pictures that we wanted to do before and after, and still had time to take pictures of the reception too!

I have seen the slide show that you put up and it is awesome!!! Everyone that has seen it has thought the pictures look beautiful!

I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

Thank you again for doing such an awesome job, you were great to work with!

We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who needs a wedding photographer in Dallas!

Thanks again for doing such a great job.

– Christy & Evan

Dallas wedding photographer

By: Jeff and Lisa Bowerman Jeff and Lisa Bowerman - Denton, TX)

North Texas Wedding


You are absolutely phenomenal! We are completely overwhelmed with emotion every time that we look at our pictures because you captured every moment of our wedding day so perfectly!

As if we didn’t already know it, you further proved to us on the day of our wedding that you will go to great lengths to get that perfect shot! What an adventure we had climbing through the grass and rocks with you to get the incredible pictures of us with our wedding party! J

We truly have memories to last a lifetime and can’t thank you enough for capturing our amazing day with your beautiful photos! We are eternally grateful!


Jeff and Lisa Bowerman

Denton wedding photography

By: Jill Conley Jill Conley - Denton, TX)

Cancun Wedding Pictures

Jacob and I knew from day one of our wedding planning that we wanted George to do our wedding photography. We didn’t even question going with someone else.

We only worried he wouldn’t be able to fly to Mexico, but he did!!!!!

George is blessed with the gift to catch moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives with the click of his finger.

We are going to hang one of his images over the couch in our living room. It’s an amazing memory of our wedding.

The image shows exactly why we had our wedding on the beach. It’s breath taking and beautiful!

Jake and the groomsmen liked the speed of the pictures. They didn’t have to stand around long at all.

George was very efficient with our time. I think that is important, especially when men and children are involved.

Before the wedding I did a boudoir photo shoot for a gift for my husband. George was amazing. He made me feel sexy, pretty and beautiful. I had so much fun doing the shoot. The images were amazing and very classy and pretty. Plus, my husband loved his wedding gift.

Within the next year we should be hiring George for our next life adventure… maternity pictures. He’s soooo amazing with those!!!!

Jill Conley

Dallas wedding photography

By: Larame Mayo Larame Mayo - Milestone Wedding Pictures in Denton, TX)
Milestone Wedding Pictures

Milestone Wedding Pictures – Denton, Texas


I want to thank you so much for the amazing job you did for my wedding. The picture exceeded my expectation and that is pretty hard to do where you and your pictures are concerned. Your pictures for my engagement session, bridal session, and my wedding is one of the greatest treasures that i took from this experience in my life. You will always be apart of that. The work you do is so amazing and I have been getting compliment after compliment. You are such an amazing photographer and from when you did my senior photos in high school and up until now you have only gotten better. I have already reccommended you to several couples and I know for a fact in the next few years when me and Brad decide to start a family I know that I would want you to be apart of that as well.

Thank you so much for everything

Larame Mayo

Milestone Denton TX Weddings

Milestone in Denton, TX

By: Stacey Foy Stacey Foy - Lake Dallas, TX)

denton wedding photographer

Southlake Wedding

I loved working with George and in fact, I just shared his name with a bride the other day.

It’s such a small world too… My wife is best friends with a photographer that is starting to network with George so he’s definitely top of mind for me.

I loved his work and I’m positive he’s going to take the Metroplex by surprise.

Brides, like yourself, are starting to look past all the hype of the large companies and seeking out genuine talent like George.”

Denton wedding photography

By: Jason & Alyssa Burton Jason & Alyssa Burton - Lewisville, TX

The excitement and happiness we felt on our wedding day will forever be captured in the pictures taken by you.

Your professionalism and creative eye rewarded us with beautiful photos we can cherish and share with our friends and family.

It was a pleasure and we hope to work with you again in the future!

Any couple would be lucky to have you as their photographer!!

Warmest Regards,

Jason & Alyssa Burton

Lewisville wedding photography

By: Katie Moore Colin & Katie Moore - Dallas, TX

Dallas Wedding


Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did at my October wedding!

Colin and I love our wedding pictures and know we will cherish them for years to come.

Speaking as a bride who can get stressed easily, I especially appreciated your punctuality and attention to detail.

The fact that you arrived at the Maple Manor almost an hour early to seek out unique areas to take photographs really put me an ease and let me enjoy my wedding day.

We can’t wait to receive our photographs and display them in our home and are looking forward to building an album with you in the future!

Thanks again for being an absolute pleasure to work with!


Katie Moore

Dallas wedding photography

By: Nicole Nicole & Matt Malcolm - Dallas, TX

Wildwood Inn - Denton Texas

My husband and I hired George Dean to photograph our wedding at the Wildwood Inn in Denton TX.

When I looked through the image galleries on his website, I knew that I loved his style. It’s easy to see that he doesn’t just take pictures of people and events, he creates and captures beautiful moments that his clients will be able to look back on and remember fondly for years to come.

When we met with George for our consultation, we knew he was the right photographer for our wedding. He is artistic but very focused and a complete perfectionist!

We were confident that he would give us nothing less than his best work.

On our wedding day George and his assistant were a joy to work with. They were so enthusiastic, and they gave wonderful and honest advice about what would or would not look good on camera.

George did a great job of directing me and making sure that I looked my best. We had so much fun, and I was so confident in his work that I was actually excited to come back from our honeymoon just to see all of his pictures, and we were not disappointed!

Our photos are just beautiful, and they are a testament to the joyful spirit of the day.

We will treasure those memories through our amazing album for the rest of our lives.

Nicole & Matt

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